Marapachi @ Kolu

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This is how i had decorated my Marapachi during Kolu 2009...but forgot to post it for the competition ...

Rangoli: Marapachi @ Kolu


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Wow! Your decoration is fabulous! I especially love the design on the crown. I'm sorry to learn that you forgot to submit it for the competition. May be next year? Smile

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Jayshree, very nice decorations with beads! You have tied the saree and dhothi very neatly. Thank you for sharing, though missed the competition!

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r Jayashree Romba Kachchidhamaana alankaaram. very neat . I love the Kireedam and Odyaanam.This would have given a tough competition if sent earlier.

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Superb work.
Loved the way the jewellery is made for the girl.

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Beautiful and very well dressed! This would have given a very stiff competetion in the contest!

Regards! - mOhana

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Jayashree I am sure you would have made stiff competition for sure.... The crown looks really rich, only you should have made it a bit smaller to be in proportion with the head of the doll as it looks too big.... You have really decorated your dolls well...

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Thank you all for the comments...actually ur comments make me feel bad that i could not upload this for the competition...though i had particularly taken the snap for it...else i always just take a general snap of my kolu...(the picture of which also i have uploaded)...anyways i guess u ppl make me feel like a winner already...will surely try and improve for the better in the days to come...