Golu marapachi doll

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this is my first post in these long years as a member, but iam really proud to be the member of i kolam and i enjoy all your amazing kolam an this time iam very eaager in posting my marapachi doll. Actually the doll alone was brought in kalahasthi in the famous kalahastheeswarar temple and all the items to adorn the dolls were brought in our own mylapore and its my own creativity to dress them up. Hope you all like it

Rangoli: Golu marapachi doll


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You have admitted that you have bought the decorative items from shop and used your ideas to dress them. You have carried out this very well! Double plait looks nice! Kalahasthi marapachis look nice and different!

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Great work. Dress combination, jewels everything superb.

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colorful dressing. The man's head dress looks great, so also the two pinnals of the girl

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Very good work. Bride seems to be a mixture of the old and the new (with two braids Smile Nice way of dressing them. Congratulations and good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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Really nice decoration Groom looks nice in his dress

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Very good work.colorful dressing looks nice.

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Good work

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Lovely dressing and hairdo Dharini Smile

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good dressing.