Marapachi dolls for Golu - 2009

Rangoli: Marapachi @ Kolu

This is how i had decorated my Marapachi during Kolu 2009...but forgot to post it for the competition ...

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu

Note: I found this image in a mailbox that I don't usually check. In spite of the instructions, this was emailed and I found it accidentally. So, I could not include it in the lot of images that were uploaded directly.

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu

The marapachi bommais have been decorated with stones, gold foil and paint by my grandmother

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu

Here are my decorated sets of marapaachi dolls.

Rangoli: Golu Marapachi Doll

Hi Lata,

Thanks for your feedback. As requested pls find attached the closeup shot of the marapachi dolls. Thanks

Rangoli: Mara paachi Doll Decoration

Mara paachi Doll Decoration done as a part of our Navarathri Golu Celebrations. Fasion jewelllery used for the decoration.

Rangoli: marappachi doll for contest

i have decorated this marappachi doll for kolu. it came so beautiful this time. how was it.

Rangoli: "Golu marapachi doll".

This is how we decorated our Marapaachi doll. These two dolls are my favourite ones.

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu

Marapaachi dolls for Golu section.

Rangoli: Golu marapachi doll

Decorated marapachi with red/gold beads, silk cloth and gold satin ribbon for borders. The single earring on the male is coz my husband wears one! Wink

Rangoli: Golu marapachi doll

this is my first post in these long years as a member, but iam really proud to be the member of i kolam and i enjoy all your amazing kolam an this time iam very eaager in posting my marapachi doll. Actually the doll alone was brought in kalahasthi in the famous kalahastheeswarar temple and all the items to adorn the dolls were brought in our own mylapore and its my own creativity to dress them up. Hope you all like it