Rangoli: Kartigai Deepam
Rangoli: Divine Om
Rangoli: Vinayagar Chaturthi 2013
Rangoli: Wedding rangoli
Rangoli: pongal-2013
Rangoli: diwali dinner

:bigsmile: LAST WEEK 12/11/2011,we had a diwali dinner(i know it's rather late) at our place.i did this rangoli as a gesture to welcome the guest.thank god i took this photo before the function because almost 500 of them turned up and just imagine wat would have happened at the end of the function Fool enjoy viewing.have a great day:)colours-colour powder@ rangoli powder/white stuff-rava@sujipowder.

Rangoli: diwali 2011

this was the rangoli that i made on diwali this year.At night it was illuminated with small tea light candles at the side.Many of my relations and friends were very much amazed with the outcome of this rangoli.Anyhow i feel that i should do it a bit more neater.PLS DO DROP YOUR COMMENTS FOR MY CREATION:)TQ

Rangoli: diwali 2010

rangoli done with three types of colour podi and rava maavu as for the white part.done for last year diwali at my house porch.enjoy viewing;)Happy Diwali to all i-kolam members

Rangoli: sarasvathi pooja

this is a kolam of goddess sarasvathi made entirely of grains,navadhanyam-nine types of grains.this kolam was made at 'Temple of Fine Arts,at Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-a dance academy where Indians and other races send their kids learn traditional Indian arts such as sangeetham,bharatham,kuchipodi,kathakali,kathak and learning of indian musical instruments aka veena,flute,sittar...since the place got to do with arts and learning,they(members of the academy) created this kolam to invoke and pay respect towards her during navarathri on sarasvathi pooja.enjoy viewing.a real blessings for the eyes.

Rangoli:  navarathri -durga

kolam done during navarathri on durgashtami day.used my own imagination and also by adding some details by viewing from web.